Wrap up of summer activities (Sept. 2015)

July 2015: Flurin Babst from Arizona Tree Ring Lab. visiting for the summer – welcome to Bozeman!

July 2015: Jerad Hoy’s summer (2014) research featured in the IoE newsletter on his interactive tool to help understand US emission targets

June 2015: Katie and Kristen at the USGS North Central Science Center Open Science meeting

June 2015: Katie Renwick (PhD CSU) joins the lab to work on climate impacts of sagebrush systems

June 2015: Further confirmation and evidence for the importance of semi-arid systems in the global carbon cycle Ahlstrom et al. Science

May 2015: Leo off to JAMSTEC (Japan), Zhen at WSL (CH) and Nicolas at LSCE (France) for summer research

May 2015: Read an accompanying article in The Conversation discussing how changes in water-use efficiency and transpiration, published by David Frank, myself and others on May 11, 2015 in Nature Climate Change